Demand For UVC Disinfection Products Is Rising

2020/07/16 Admin

In the epidemic, the introduction of ultraviolet sterilization lamps into the family has caused widespread debate among many experts, and many manufacturers have also silently sold a large number of household ultraviolet sterilization lamps. Now, as the epidemic gradually subsides, the first wave of consumer purchases of household ultraviolet germicidal lamps has gradually subsided.


However, the global epidemic situation continues to erupt, and people's demand for household sterilization and disinfection has not disappeared due to the control of the domestic epidemic situation. Ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection products still have a huge market demand, but they require constant innovation in product form performance. No, another wave of innovative UV sterilization and disinfection products that can be used in the home is available!


1. Item disinfection package: UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection package. Install UVC LED at the bottom of the disinfection package to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection of items through a small space. The sterilization rate of the item sterilization package is 99.9percent. It combines the functions of disinfection and storage. The physical disinfection method is environmentally friendly and has no residue. It can be widely used for the sterilization of mobile phones, headphones, cosmetics, masks and other items.


2. Handheld disinfection rod: Heri introduced a new type of portable handheld disinfection rod, which does not need to be plugged in. It is battery-powered, simple to operate, mobile and portable, equipped with UVC LED sterilization function, which can kill germs by direct irradiation, with a killing rate of up to 99.9 percent, sweeping from the surface of the object can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.


3. Mask disinfection box: Use UVC LED to remove 99.9percent of bacteria on the mask. This is a reliable and safe mask sterilization box handled by medical device manufacturers. Because coronaviruses are still spreading around the world, the demand for masks has increased significantly. If the original mask is disposable, people may need to change multiple masks throughout the day. The mask sterilization box can disinfect and dry the mask-the product uses a 99.9percent eradication capability UVC LED sterilization and drying fan to reduce the built-in moisture, so that the disposable mask can be reused. Moreover, the product is rechargeable and lightweight, and can be used anywhere.

4. Air disinfection machine: The UVC LED built into the air conditioner irradiates the air passing through the machine to kill some bacteria and viruses, and then repeatedly sterilizes through the air circulation to reduce the number of germs in the overall indoor environment. In addition to air conditioners, portable air sterilization cleaners using the same principle also entered the market this year.

Compared with the first wave of ultraviolet sterilization lamps that enter the home, the traditional ultraviolet low-pressure mercury lamp is the main light source. The second wave of household ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection products that are emerging today are mainly based on UVC LED light sources. Their product design is also compact, It is light and portable, and it is better to match the characteristics of UVC LED with low power. Moreover, these products have achieved a breakthrough from design to mass production. In this market application promotion, the expansion of UVC LED application scale will also drive the breakthrough of upstream UVC LED chips and packaging technology, thereby realizing the possibility of replacing ultraviolet low-pressure mercury lamps.