Do People Need To Wear Safety Goggles?

2020/07/17 Admin

Coronavirus transmission routes:

Spread through respiratory tract droplets such as coughing and sneezing;

Transmission of physical contact such as touch or handshake;

Touch objects or surfaces with viruses, and indirectly spread them by touching the mouth, nose, or eyes before washing hands;

In rare cases, it can also spread through feces.


If you have double eyelid surgery, will it be dangerous to go out, do you want to go out with goggles?


If the wound has healed, the recovery period is normally passed and the virus will not be infected. The new coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets and contact, and there have been no reports of postoperative wound infections.


Will coronavirus infect the eyes? Do I need to wear goggles?

The spread of coronavirus is the so-called airborne transmission, and its essence is not through air, but through droplets. Because the virus cannot exist independently of the carrier, and most of the droplets are generated by sneezing.

Sneezing was originally a natural defense mechanism for humans, which was used to remove the dirt attached to the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, but was used by viruses: human infected people have a lot of viruses and bacteria in their nasal cavity. When sneezing, hundreds of muscles in the body The compression creates a huge airflow, and the sprayed droplets will adhere to the surface of these objects, so that they may contact the infection after contact.

After touching these virus-attached objects with your hand, and then touching your own mucous membrane, the infection spreads, such as rubbing your eyes and touching your nose and mouth. But this is a secret process, it is easy to ignore, please pay attention to your daily protection! In this way, can everyone understand the reasons for emphasizing the wearing of masks and frequent hand washing? Therefore, do not rub your eyes, touch your nose and mouth after touching your hands or other objects, and wash your hands frequently!


Although we ordinary people don't need to wear goggles to go out, but don't feel like wearing a mask, go to a crowded place to get together, protect yourself, wear a mask, don't get together, wash your hands, and protect yourself!

Why do some medical staff wear goggles?


The environment is different. The front-line medical staff and the patients with obvious symptoms have close contact, inspection/sampling/treatment/intubation, etc., which are close to a large number of viruses such as body fluids and secretions of patients. Aerosols may come into contact with medical personnel's mucosal tissues, skin, etc., and the environment is very dangerous, so medical personnel must be "fully armed" to fight the virus on the front line.