Notes On The Purchase Of Medical Gloves

2020/07/16 Admin

1. Regular manufacturer

Disposable medical gloves are mixed in the market, and the quality is uneven. Choose a formal medical glove manufacturer to provide a complete set of glove certificates, clear logos, traceable processes, and avoid unnecessary risks.

Behind the packaging of qualified medical gloves, information including the certificate name (CFDA), record number, product technical requirements number, country of origin, production date and shelf life, and production batch number are clearly printed. (If there is an old version of the SFDA certificate, it should be marked with the product standard number, registration certificate number, etc.)

2. Glove material

Disposable medical gloves, the two most common materials are nitrile and latex. Disposable medical latex gloves are made of natural rubber, have good elasticity and soft texture, and provide a comfortable and flexible hand.

Nitrile gloves can perfectly memorize hand movements and will not cause fatigue when worn for a long time. Choose high-quality natural butyronitrile, not easy to cause allergies, is the first choice for medical personnel who are allergic to latex protein or skin sensitive. With puncture resistance, a protective barrier is established on the surface of the hands of medical staff to reduce the skin scratched by medical equipment.

The "micro-pocket surface" of the two materials of medical gloves provides a firm grip, which prevents medical staff from slipping when handling surgical instruments and creates potential safety hazards. You can choose nitrile or latex gloves according to your personal preference, but in terms of overall comfort and technological content, we recommend nitrile gloves.

3. Glove type

In terms of places, medical gloves are usually divided into examination gloves and surgical gloves. Medical examination gloves are generally used to examine the patient's mouth or skin surface, and must contain the CFDA laboratory drug safety certification. Excellent tensile elongation rate, strong anti-wear ability, can adapt to various weak acid and alkali environment inside human skin.

On the basis of meeting the safety requirements for inspection gloves, the safety factor of surgical gloves is higher. Needs further sterilization treatment, independent packaging; at the same time, it conforms to the ergonomic curved hand shape, closely fits with the five fingers, and is comfortable to wear.

Even during prolonged surgery, the excellent humidity control can maintain the shape and fit of the gloves worn by medical staff and safely operate medical equipment.

4. Powderless gloves are better than powdered gloves

Gloves on the market will also be distinguished by powdered and powder-free. In order to ensure safety, powder in medical latex gloves, which use food-grade corn starch that can be absorbed by the human body, which is convenient to wear.

In the medical field, it is safer to use powder-free medical latex gloves. Because powder-free gloves use advanced powder-free processing PU polymer coating process, the hand feels soft and comfortable to wear. Especially when medical personnel are checking or performing surgery, the powder in the medical gloves will not enter the patient's body by mistake, affecting the diagnosis or treatment results.