Shanghai International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair

2020/07/16 Admin

This morning, the Shanghai International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. 500 exhibitors brought emergency epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, and nucleic acid testing facilities to connect domestic upstream and downstream production needs and domestic and international market resources, many innovative products.


The purpose of this exhibition is to build a global supply and demand platform for epidemic prevention materials, bringing together high-quality epidemic prevention materials, equipment, production, foreign trade and logistics enterprises, both to show the world high-quality and qualified epidemic prevention materials to enhance the image of Chinese products; It is convenient for domestic enterprises, relevant institutions and overseas governments and trade representatives to directly connect with high-quality enterprises, purchase qualified Chinese defense epidemic materials, improve efficiency and reduce costs; and, related activities can greatly promote the export of related materials from Shanghai, digest the production capacity of related enterprises, and expand The sales channels of production enterprises have opened up all circulation links of epidemic prevention materials to ease the downward pressure on foreign trade.

This transparent box with an area of less than 1 square, which can accommodate one person, is the latest nucleic acid sampling house brought by this company. The fully enclosed and transparent positive pressure space extends two gloves, without wearing protective clothing, allowing medical staff to complete the entire process of nucleic acid detection in a comfortable and safe environment. Exhibitors said that after supporting Thunder Mountain Vulcan Mountain Hospital, they developed this product urgently. The doctor is operating inside with a fully positive pressure and a high-efficiency clean system with a three-stage filtration of constant temperature, constant humidity and oxygen to ensure that all toxic and harmful gases outside have no chance to enter the cabin.

Considering how to effectively prevent the epidemic in the mid-summer high temperature, the manufacturer is discussing the production of some thin and light anti-epidemic materials used in summer.


The Shanghai International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair has a total exhibition area of about 26,000 square meters. It has five epidemic prevention sections including the epidemic prevention equipment exhibition area, the epidemic prevention product exhibition area, the raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area, and the emergency rescue supplies exhibition area, bringing together nearly 500 highly qualified exhibitors. The on-site buyers covered government agencies, consulate generals in Shanghai, and domestic and foreign business associations. Through accurate supply and demand matching, they helped promote high-quality production capacity and fully demonstrated the strength of China's manufacturing industry.


Epidemic prevention equipment exhibition area

Masks and protective clothing production equipment, breathing resistance tester, gas exchange pressure difference tester, temperature and humidity pretreatment box, synthetic blood penetration tester, surface permeability tester, comprehensive strength tester, filtration efficiency tester, etc.; water seepage Sex tester, frictional electrification tester, etc.; respirators and other respiratory protective equipment mechanical equipment (respirator mechanical strength pretreatment machine), disposable flat mask production line, etc.

Anti-epidemic products exhibition area

Materials for protective consumables: N95 masks, medical surgical masks, disposable masks, gloves, medical protective clothing, comprehensive respiratory protectors, negative pressure ambulances, negative pressure stretchers, service robots, etc.;

Disinfection products: 75percent alcohol, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant water, hand-free disinfectant, etc.; mechanical equipment: sterilization lamp, air purification sprayer, ultraviolet light car, disinfection channel, etc.;


Diagnostic supplies: forehead gun, thermometer, handheld infrared temperature tester, thermal imaging rapid temperature screener, diagnostic reagents, etc.


Raw materials exhibition area

Meltblown fabric, non-woven fabric, nose bridge and other products.


Emergency rescue supplies exhibition area


Emergency rescue protection and epidemic prevention articles: isolation ambulance, isolation stretcher, portable ventilator, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, gastric lavage equipment, infusion equipment, oxygen transmission equipment, first-aid medicine, epidemic prevention medicine, disinfection vehicle (ship, plane), sprayer, garbage incinerator, sterilization lamp, sterilization medicine.