Shortage of Mask and Protective Suit In American Nursing Home

2020/07/16 Admin

Because the new crown epidemic has overwhelmed hospitals across the country, medical personnel in the United States are still facing an extreme shortage of medical equipment such as masks, protective clothing, and disinfectant.

The nurse in the emergency department of Miami said that in the past few days, due to the shortage of disinfectant and disinfectant wipes, she had to use hand sanitizer to disinfect the ward. Even before, only three 84 disinfectant wipes could be assigned to a ward, and she could only get one N95 mask per shift.
As the virus spread in southern and western states such as Florida and Texas, the nationwide gap of N95 masks reached 300 million. This kind of mask is not only necessary for hospitals, but also important for the personnel of other health construction organizations.
According to information from nursing homes and assisted living facilities industry organizations, one-fifth of nursing home personal protective equipment stocks cannot last for a week, while N95 masks are even scarcer. The organization wrote that this shortage has been going on for months, which is very worrying.
Elderly people in nursing homes are more likely to be infected, and those who treat other diseases in the outpatient clinic will miss the opportunity to see a doctor because of the new crown medical run-in. And the doctors in the outpatient department did not need to be fully armed before, because manufacturers such as masks did not plan to provide masks for outpatients before the outbreak, which also made it difficult for many outpatients to obtain more masks.
In addition, the competition for personal protective materials in each state has also exacerbated its shortage. With the increase in hospitalization rates in Florida and Texas and rapid depletion of protective measures, states with controlled epidemics such as New York and New Jersey began to worry about the outbreak. The latter's medical and health institutions are trying to increase the inventory of protective equipment to Unpredictable.
The Governor of New Jersey said that the state aims to build a storage that can last for 30 or 90 days, but there are still challenges to seeing this plan.
This year, N95 mask production in the United States will reach 110 million, compared with 30 million before the epidemic.
Medical Material Reuse
Intensive care nurses at HCA in Corpus Christi, Texas, responded to concerns about N95 masks. She said that all staff will not change new masks throughout the shift, and after the shift, they will collect the masks for disinfection so that they can be reused the next day. If there were no obvious stains, she had to use protective clothing multiple times. The hospital he is in also has medical saturation, and the number of beds in the intensive care unit has been increased from 21 to 35, and all of them are full of patients with new crowns.

She usually takes care of two critically ill patients at the same time, and sometimes has to take care of one more person. She is very worried about her own safety under such protective measures, and worried that the virus will be transmitted to her son.

The chief medical officer of the medical center said in a statement that the hospital has complete supplies and standardizes protective equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines like other hospitals. This includes disinfecting and reusing N95 masks and expanding the use of protective clothing , Which allows staff to treat multiple patients with the same infectious disease.

Although the epidemic made the protection facilities scarce and brought unprecedented challenges to the hospital, the most important thing for the hospital was to protect the doctors.
But some doctors also said that simply following the CDC guidelines is not enough, which is not enough to protect medical workers.