How To Use The Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun Correctly?

2020/07/16 Admin

How does the Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun work?

The Forehead Temperature Gun is also called infrared thermometer, which absorbs the infrared radiation energy emitted by the human body to measure the body temperature, and will not cause harm to the human body.
The infrared thermometer measures the body temperature by absorbing and judging the infrared energy emitted by the human body, so the question of whether the frontal temperature gun will bring radiation is raised by some people. So, compared to our more common mercury thermometers, what are the advantages of the frontal temperature gun?

The infrared thermometer can avoid cross infection, and the temperature measurement speed is fast. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for screening people with fever symptoms in a place with high flow of people, safe and rapid.
How to use the frontal temperature gun correctly?
After knowing so much, the forehead temperature gun is still our best choice during the current epidemic prevention and control period, but for the disadvantage that the frontal temperature gun is susceptible to environmental influences such as temperature and wind speed, how can we effectively respond and reduce errors?
1. When measuring body temperature, point the instrument to the middle of the forehead and keep it vertical to avoid clothing or hair blocking, the distance is 3cm-5cm.
2. Sweat on the forehead will dissipate a lot of heat, which will lower the body temperature of the forehead. During the measurement, the head sweat should be dried in advance to prevent measurement deviation;
3. When outdoors, measuring the parts covered by clothes, such as the wrist or neck, will be more accurate;
4. It is recommended to measure about 3 times during the measurement, and the average value shall prevail.